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On January 15, 2020
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I have been using Invoice Ninja for the last year and it has saved me many hours a month, sending out my invoices and able to automatically send out reminder invoices, prior to being due and after.

In January 2019, I took several days testing out different Invoicing Platforms and many so called free plans, did not give any reasonable or worthwhile. However, once I tested out Invoice Ninja, I found it to be very thorough and useful.

I did end up purchasing the Invoice Ninja Enterprise Plan, so that I could upload a pdf file for my Toggl Timesheet and extras available.

I also love the mobile app, where I can easily enter payments received and easily email out payment receipt.

Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja Free Plans

As the name implies, Invoice Ninja has made it their mission to turn the invoicing process into a fast and intuitive experience that doesn’t make you clench your teeth every time a payment needs to be collected. It’s an open-source, cloud-hosted solution (which means it can be accessed anywhere, at any time and no downloads are required) geared towards freelancers and online entrepreneurs.

Some Features

  • It’s 100% free, with premium plans available.
  • It’s open source, so it’s possible to self-host the platform on your server (if you know something about coding, that is).
  • Thanks to its straightforward UI, creating invoices is a breeze. No experience or special skills are needed to get going.
  • The time tracking function is gold. Invoice Ninja allows you to create tasks and track the time you spent working on them, so you can take the guesswork out of your professional life.
  • Invoice Ninja is truly international. With 45+ payment gateways, such as Stripe, Skrill, WorldPay, GoCardless and many other, it is able to accommodate users in any country.
  • If you have clients outside your country, they’re probably more comfortable paying in their currency. With Invoice Ninja you can invoice and accept payments in multiple currencies, offering your clients a better experience.
  • The integration with Zappier gives Invoice Ninja incredible flexibility, as it can be connected to over 500 different apps (everything from Slack to MailChimp and Gmail).
  • Invoice Ninja has an iPhone app and Android app, which makes creating invoices and tracking payments on the go a truly seamless experience.
  • When it comes to functionality, Invoice Ninja has some sweet solutions for the most annoying problems: you can attach 3rd party files to invoices, expenses, and quotations; accept deposits and partial payments; convert quotations into invoices; create recurring invoicing and auto-bill clients; live PDF creation lets you review your invoices before emailing them to a client; you can fully customize invoice designs (add your logo, change colours & invoice fields, etc.); get alerted when client views and pays your invoice, and loads more.


Invoice Ninja is free. Forever. Yes, it’s their basic plan that doesn’t support some of the more sophisticated features like customizing your invoice design, tracking time or enclosing 3rd party files to invoices, but all the essential functions are there: unlimited invoices, 45+ payment gateways, ability to invoice & accept payments online, tax rate settings and auto-billing.
For those just thinking about moving away from the self-made Excel or Word invoices, it’s a great place to start.

The other two options available:

Invoice Ninja Pro Plan – $10 USD per month
Invoice Ninja Enterprise Plan – $14 USD per month

Both are still very affordable and have a great list of features on offer.

You can start your FREE Planby clicking here for more

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