LastPass: Excellent Tool for Remembering Your Passwords

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Written by JR Web Solutions

On November 2, 2016

I have now been using LastPass for remembering and securing my passwords for many years now.

In the past I have used notebooks, spreadsheets etc – to keep a record of my passwords – I can still remember, how it was driving my nuts.

About 4 years ago I went searching for a solution and discovered LastPass and downloaded it for FREE and I have been using this excellent tool daily (when I am on my computer) ever since.

I even use it to generate hard passwords for my websites, to stop scammers hacking my websites.

Some passwords are just too difficult to type in.

I also find it great, that I can sync it in several web browsers and also other computers – as long as I have LastPass installed on each computer and device.

Once you start using LastPass, you will wonder what you did before.

Download now, install and save on the frustration – of remembering your Passwords.

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